Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan

(علي حسن)

contemporary egyptian painter

Professor at faculty of fine arts – painting department
based in cairo and luxor

Ali Hassan had been preoccupied for years with how to adapt artistic material to achieve the best possible result. Ali Hassan explained:

“The technical aspect is what keeps paintings alive longer, so they can be shared across generations.”
This gave him the idea of a “Art in a Minute” show presented in episodes on social media. “It was to be a short educational programme to deliver an intense burst of information for those interested in the technical aspect of producing art, in various styles and with whatever colours they use. I tried to be brief since the largest section of my audience are art college students.”

About the artwork says Dr. Ali Hassan: “The road to success in oil painting begins with creating a sense of fear and paying close attention to the details of preparing the surface, stretching the canvas, and reaching back the artist’s hand and further gently feeling this white surface to explore the to achieve the greatest possible certainty that the next brush strokes will be appropriately recorded.”

Knowledge from the artist

artist knowledge

Here you will always find constantly new information waiting for artists. Find out more about colors, get book suggestions, and enjoy educational short films.

With his oversized oil painting, drawings and sketches, Ali Hassan tells us stories from his homeland, about the traditions, landscapes and people. On predominantly large-format canvases or colored paper with oil paints, soft chalk and charcoal, it shows us the splendor of colour and also the sadness of Egypt. He pays great attention to his colors and painting techniques, he mixes colors himself and works on new painting techniques. Ali Hassan is a meticulous painter, everything is thought out and depicted to the smallest detail. The viewer is attracted by his pictures and gets lost in the many elaborate details.

In 2018, Ali Hassan’s art was included in the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo.

على سيد عبده حسان

Safe haven 2 - Detail |2019
Safe haven 1 - Detail |2019
Safe haven 2 - Detail |2019