Solo Exhibition 2018

- Static Wheels -

Solo Exhibition “Static Wheels”

How I was thrilled by the feet steps when I came to that city, it was always the feet steps of the horses that broke the night silence, to reassure the hearts and to fill them with tranquility, that the city is still full of vigilance and has not yet been feebleness. These metal shoes were never worn down under the feet of horses, the owners of the cabriolets always knew that the tunes emitted from the footprints, were the symbol of life for the city’s inhabitants. Innocents blood are bleeding, visitors leave the city and the darkness came, the streets also remain silent without noise, the horses backs are bent, their legs are scraggy, and the feet stop from tapping on the roads. The whips strikes are silent, so the legs are not able to trot, Nor the hands can hold the whips. The bright colors of the wheels are faded away, and the leather umbrellas of the cabriolets standing side by side are sunk under the sun so that the horses’ legs have meager pale shadows. It remains to be wondered when the wheels return to turn again after the wheels have become static? When the legs come back strongly hitting by their feet, the roads after the horse legs became haggard? –  Ali Hassaan 2018
Nahdet Misr gallery, Mahmoud Moukhtar cultural center / Cairo

The name of the exhibition is ‘Silent Wheels’.. the idea revolves around the violence and the killing of innocent people in the world and its impact on marginalized classes, which leads to the indirect killing of these classes without being shot or victims of an explosion. These classes are represented by the carriage driver in Luxor. Who reflected the images of violence and terrorism on his source of livelihood, which led to his inability to even feed his horse, and his horse became in a state of emaciation and weakness, and here lies the philosophy of the exhibition.

The artist Ali Hassan explained that the exhibition was dedicated to a carriage driver named Ramadan Abu Al-Roos who passed away four days after the death of his horse. They always knew that these tones are the symbol of life for the city’s residents..Innocent blood flows, visitors leave the city, darkness falls, and the roads remain silent without noise.. Horsebacks bend, their legs bow, and feet stop beating the road. Hands are able to carry whips.. the bright colors of the wheels are fading and the leather canopies of the compact carts are eroded under the sun’s rays.

علي حسان

Pictures from the exhibition